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Sun Kissed Skin produces award winning competition tans! We use a proven 3 step method for Fitness Competitors of any level. Results are immediate and in only 1 session! The session takes one hour and is recommended the day before or day of your competition.  You will not have to worry about melting under the lights either! The color sets in 5 hours and you will not require touch ups  but I am available if needed. Oil up 15-20 minutes prior to going on stage! On site services are also available. You will receive special instructions for the session as well.

Sun Kissed Skin Competition Tanning Instructions

1.) Competitor should shave entire body about 7 days prior to tanning appointment. Use shaving GEL (in order to see the very fine hair) and a new men’s razor. Shaving more than once is always needed. Shave until ALL hair is gone. When you think all the hair is gone SHAVE AGAIN! Afterwards, apply lotion to prevent razor burn. Shaving your entire body means just that- shave everything! This includes arms, legs, buttocks, back, chest, shoulders and abdominals. This also applies to women; although, shaving the face is NOT necessary.

*Sun Kissed Skin recommends that client does NOT use a hair removal process that client is not used to, i.e. Nair or body waxing. Many people are allergic to Nair or have skin reactions such as breakouts from waxing. Tell client not to do anything to their skin that they are not used to having done. In addition, wax residue stays on the skin leaving a residue which acts as a barrier.

2.) Competitor should exfoliate the entire body every time they shower for the 5- 7 days prior to treatment. SKS recommends using exfoliating gloves. Competitor should pay special attention to areas of the body that tend to accumulate dead skin cells such as the heel, knees, elbows, throat, armpits, hands and the side of the torso. Scrub these areas vigorously everyday.

3.) Minimize the amount of body lotion the competitor uses for the week leading up to the treatment. Dryer skin absorbs the competition color faster, dries faster and looks better when tan. SKS strongly recommends not using any body lotion 2-3 days leading to the treatment.


4.) Competitor should double-check shaving. Client should have gotten all hair off the body previously but it is important to check for stubble that has started to grow.


5.) Competitor should be freshly showered for treatment. Freshly showered means the following: NO DEODERANT, NO LOTION, NO PERFUME/COLOGNE and NO MAKEUP OR JEWELERY should be on the body. Next to shaving this is the most important step. SKS recommends using a non-color, oil-free soap when showering because it helps to strip the excess oils out off the skin. Shaving right before the treatment can make it difficult for the color to absorb on the competitors skin.

6.) Competitor should arrive at appointment 15 minutes early.

7.) Competitor should wear loose fitting clothing to treatment. Baggy sweats or shorts and a t-shirt with flip-flops are perfect. Competitor should not wear anything that is tight fitting, including underwear, sports bras, etc. that could rub the tan off. Your color will not SET until approximately 5 hours after the treatment.

8.) Pay attention to the weather. Since color will not set for 5 hours it is important to stay cool and dry. Do not wear shorts etc if it is raining or heavy clothing if it is hot. Also, competitor should be careful around water (i.e. brushing teeth, using restroom) to avoid water spots.

9.) Sleep in loose clothing after treatment. Clothing absorbs any excess product the skin did not absorb. Clothing will also minimize any glitches in color like hand prints while sleeping.


Competitor should exfoliate every time they shower. Apply lotion afterwards to minimize dryness. Tan will last approximately 5 days following the show.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Body conditioning should be kept in mind. The better conditioned physiques tend to have better, darker tans. The less water the skin is holding the less likely the chance of sweat. If competitor tends to hold a lot of water or sweat excessively they will need to focus on keeping their skin in excellent condition.

SKS recommends that competitor applies posing oil the day of the show. It does not look shiny it simply perks up your color and adds moisture back into the skin. Apply the oil about 15 minutes prior to going on stage.

*Our product looks very good on the face because it does not contain alcohol. It is a natural product that is jojoba oil and almond oil based. The competition color should be applied the day before; 3-4 coats.

It takes about 45 minutes. Do not wash the tan off.

$135/ session if in salon, additional charge for on location appointments Touch up product available

Look at the deep color after only 4 hours!!